"Healthy Decentralisation" Over: Francis Deprives Bishops Of Right To Establish Religious Communities

With the November 4 Motu proprio Authenticum charismatis, Francis has taken away from the bishops the right to erect religious communities in their dioceses.

This right was based on Canon 579: “Diocesan bishops, each in his own territory, can erect institutes of consecrated life by formal decree, provided that the Apostolic See has been consulted.”

The new Canon 579 changes the last part with "provided that the Apostolic See has given a written permission.”

As an excuse, Francis says that the erection of a new group “transcends the diocesan sphere” - but this is not true because a new community remains subject to the bishop who recognised it.

The Motu Proprio is in Latin and cannot have been written by Francis because he lacks knowledge of both Canon Law and Latin.

Picture: © mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsUjswffqxgl

comfort ye
They have grown weary of only having free rein against communities the Bishop doesn't like. Now they can crush holiness instantly. I know souls waiting, waiting for the time and moment they can build and gather other souls to join them. Now they must found without a Bishop? There must be a way...
"Again, in the context of their proven willingness to destroy a bishop through visitation, there is likely not a bishop that would even attempt defiance on this matter. This leaves no escape for traditional religious. "
Summarize: We mustn't let religious life flourish without a chance to stomp it out. It might actually revitalize the Church.