Cardinal: Archbishop Lefebvre Will Be Declared A Doctor Of The Church

An anonymous Cardinal told the German journalist Armin Schwibach (Twitter, August 22) that “Archbishop Lefebvre will one day be declared a Doctor of the Church.”

The cardinal added that “others” must measure themselves up to Lefebvre - however, there is presently no cardinal who has the caliber of Lefebvre and resists the Vatican.

Lefebvre, an Africa missionary, is the founder the Society of Pius X. He died 1991 excommunicated, because he ordained in 1988 four bishops without the approval of John Paul II. and thus saved the Old Latin Mass for the Church.

W obronie Tradycji Kościoła
Archbishop Lefebvre cannot become a doctor of the Church because he has rejected the dogmatic teaching of the Roman Catholic Church and, moreover, does not fulfill three basic conditions. All that needs to be done is to agree with many of his theses and views.
F M Shyanguya
Not of the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church.

In another’s church synagogue perhaps, but that’s their issue on how to honor their own, not ours.
Yes, the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. If you oppose what +Lefebvre believed and taught, which is NOTHING other that the Catholic Faith of the Ages, unchanged and uncorrupted, then YOU are not Catholic. Believing you are Catholic, does not make it so, if you fail to embrace the authentic Magisterium. Look to it!
F M Shyanguya
subito? a traitor!... "Subito" Joaquin Saens Arriaga
Mr. Cardinal, please stop the speculation and say OPENLY TODAY that the 2VC was a fraud.