The Brooklyn Carmelite Nuns will be moving to Pennsylvania. Since the rapid decline of New York City, especially since Mayor DiBlasio and the rise of crime and chaos, it has been impossible for them to continue there. The Sisters will be going to the Diocese of Scranton, not too far from the Fraternity of St. Peter’s U.S. Headquarters. They also have embraced the Traditional Mass.

LifeSiteNews launches fundraiser to move contemplative nuns from urban hell to rural retreat

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Not obeying an unjust order is not disobedience, you cannot be disobedient in not following an order which comes from one with no authority to issue it. You don't leave Rome but rather in charity provide fraternal correction. This is true obedience to God
...and by "disobedience" you actually mean schism an excommunication @cmoulthrop Here's a nice big cup of "nope" for you. :P
Unfortunately they have embraced the Latin Mass at a time where it has been “abrogated”. FSSP needs to stand up, break off ties with Rome and follow Absp Lefebvre in disobedience.