Dirty China-Vatican Deal Ready To Be Signed

An accord between the Vatican and China on the appointment of bishops is ready and could be signed in a few months, a Vatican source told Reuters (February 1).

According to the deal, the Vatican will "have a say in negotiations for the appointment of future bishops". The Vatican source admitted that “suffering will continue” (but not for those in the Vatican), adding that after the agreement “we will still be like a bird in a cage but the cage will be bigger.”

The Vaticanista Francis Rocca reported (February 1) that Pope Francis decided to accept seven regime bishops appointed by the Chinese Communists. Francis will lift their excommunications and recognize them as leaders of their dioceses.

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-SA, #newsLlwoiwbsiv
Analogy to the dirty deal ( if not both the dirty deed/deal) at the vatican is the pope is like the iceberg he the pope is at the top above water while most of the dirt is just under the water. Since pius 9 all the secretary of state have been 33 degree freemansons this a recorded fact.Along with their assistance. Here you can find the larger part of the ice Berg where most of the damage is from.
Any comments about Cardinal Parolin? He seems have the whole pictures than Pope.
Selling out the Truth to evil
It would not be the first dirty deal:
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Lisi Sterndorfer
Francis' mouthpiece Antonio Spadaro, "The development of the Chinese Catholic Church is subject to challenges which force it to rethink its structure and develop new responses"

Always the same wordy way to justify betrayal and sin.
"The cage will be bigger" gives new meaning to the expression, "Go big or go Home."
Joseph a' Christian
This is one more blatantly evil aktion, against our Almighty God, our Church, by false francis.

Jesus Is Truth.
Faith in Jesus will never be caged. Pray and Jesus will hear your voice even jailed. Church is tangible, faith still there even all churches destroyed.
They have been paid their 30 pieces of silver.
It. Has. To. Be. All. About. THE. MONEY.
The Vatican must be thrilled; The Church in China is about to be destroyed!
Shame shame to the vatican
Lisi Sterndorfer
According to Cardinal Zen, the Patriotic Catholic Association supports the COMPULSORY ABORTION OF CHILDREN