Müller: They Are About to Create Monsters

Cardinal Gerhard Müller supports those warning of the “Great Reset,” he told (February 4).

He believes that today Western big-tech giants and the "Communism of the People’s Republic of China” are “converging and merging" into a unified capital-socialism” and produce a “new colonialism.” Their goal is an "absolute control of thought, speech and action.”

Typical for totalitarian systems, criticism is denigrated as "conspiracy and subversion," Müller notices. He warns that homogenised men can be steered more easily, “Through mainstreaming, total conformity of consciousness of the masses is to be achieved via the media.”

He reminds that whenever man wanted “to recreate and redeem himself,” a monster has been produced instead, and that the utopia of a paradise on earth results in the greatest crimes against humanity. Müller mentions the denial of freedom for dissenters, the destruction of labor, and population reduction by abortion and euthanasia.

Therefore, trust in the "philanthropic attitude" of the leaders of the Big Foundations and Open Societies is only possible "with a completely naive denial of reality,” Müller says.

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsWxvxrezbtx

Bravo, Your Excellency, for having the courage to speak out. God bless you and may your angel protect you.
Do not depict Holy Trinity in worldly cartoons. Respect !
provivoe: fully agree
Has the Holy Trinity been shown here disrespectfully? GTV's cartoonist knows their Catholic art history. This depiction of The Trinity is consistent with much older images. Like so...
The matter is, not to use the Name of Holy Trinity for and in cartoons. In Heaven there are no jokes, and we deplore the general lack of respect for Holy Trinity : Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Here, Holy Trinity is used for a cartoon, this is not respectful. In our relation to God we must praise Him, not use Him in jokes.