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Francis Bergoglio and interreligious dialogue.


There is not a single day that passes without Bergoglio promoting interreligious dialogue. He thus purposefully destroys the Church.

In the present time the only and right solution is the following: to abolish interreligious dialogue and to open the door for true reevangelization and mission.

Question: What is the primary mission of the Church?

Answer: To preach the Gospel (Mt 28) so that the souls may be saved. The Lord Jesus Christ did not call for interreligious dialogue with pagans or with the world but He commanded us to open people’s eyes, in order to turn them from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God (cf. Acts 26:18). Interreligious dialogue is a betrayal of the Church’s mission.

Question: What can mission be likened to?

Answer: Mission can be likened to the action of rescue workers at sea. There can be no dialogue with the passengers of a sinking ship. They must be saved.

Question: What is interreligious dialogue based on?

Answer: The whole system of interreligious dialogue is based on lies:

1) One has to presume that pagans have an equally valid way to salvation – and this is a lie.

2) One must not preach to them the full Gospel in power that they may turn to God and be saved – this is a crime.

3) One must not proclaim that Jesus Christ is the only Saviour – this is a betrayal of Christ and the Church.

4) One must maintain that pagan practices and Buddhist meditations enrich us – this is a big deceit.

Question: Who is presently the principal agent of antimission in the very heart of the Church?

Answer: Pseudo Pope Bergoglio. He is like a shepherd who instead of searching for the lost sheep lets wolves in the sheepfold and allows them to tear the poor sheep inside the very sheepfold of the Church.

Question: Who are we Christians?

Answer: We, Christians, are the witnesses of Jesus and we have the Spirit of Christ.

Question: What spirit do pagans have?

Answer: Pagans, be it Buddhists, Hindus or others, have the spirit of lies and death. They are spiritually dead.

Question: What can interreligious dialogue be compared to?

Answer: Interreligious dialogue with pagans can be compared to contact with a person ill with a deadly infection.

- A liberal Catholic cannot help a pagan through interreligious dialogue, but he himself becomes ill with a deadly infection and then passes on the infection to the Church. This is antimission.

- A true missionary who makes the proclamation of salvation in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the foundation, the centre and the peak does not enter into interreligious dialogue! On the contrary, he preaches Christ in the power of the Spirit, and the souls are delivered from the power of Satan (cf. Acts 26:18). But the price to be paid for this mission is persecution and often even martyrdom.

Question: What is the difference between an antimissionary promoting interreligious dialogue and a missionary of Christ?

Answer: There is a diametrical difference between them. An antimissionary spreads an infection to the heart of the Church. A missionary of Christ saves the souls from the deadly infection.

Question: What is the fruit of interreligious dialogue?

Answer: The spiritual vacuum created by heresies is filled with a so-called new spirit of pagan religions or cults. But no one is allowed to debate this. They must be accepted uncritically and with respect. No dialogue is allowed. There is a dictate of the spirit of lies and death. Interreligious dialogue is a system leading to insidious and hidden suicide of the Church.

Question: What is the attitude of St Basil to such dialogue?

Answer: St Basil says: “Dialogues with those who are soaked with false teachings about faith and God cause disintegration of personality as a whole. Talking to them is of greater harm than contact with moral perverts.” This attitude of St Basil is the same as that of Scripture. The Word of God permits no interreligious dialogue. The fruit of such dialogue which Eve had with the serpent in Eden was the loss of life – death (cf. Gen 3:19).

Question: What are the three basic principles for mission?

Answer: A Christian must know:

1) Who am I speaking to and what spirit is behind him?

If I am speaking to a Buddhist or a Hindu, I have to know that he has the spirit of paganism, the spirit of religious deceit. This person is its medium, and so I am not able to convince him of God’s truth by human means. He will constantly question the truth with ostensible human wisdom. But this wisdom, according to Scripture, is foolishness! (1Cor 1)

2) What is the purpose of the mission conversation?

To witness to Jesus so that the one who hears may believe, receive Jesus and be delivered from the power of darkness.

3) What is the manner of the mission conversation?

This is a spiritual battle with the spirit of darkness, and therefore a Christian must not open himself to it. In the Epistle to the Ephesians, Scripture commands us to be equipped for this battle with five weapons for defence and, in addition, with the sword of the Spirit which is for both defence and offence.

Question: What are the norms of interreligious dialogue?

Answer: The norms are completely perverted! According to these norms, a Christian should renounce the truth and accept that the pagan he is speaking to is right and that he should listen to him. It is the same as if we knew that there is poison in one glass and clean water in the other, and we would start drinking poison for the sake of dialogue. The fruit is spiritual death.

Question: How long has interreligious dialogue worked and what are its fruits?

Answer: Interreligious dialogue has its roots in Vatican II’s Nostra Aetate. It has turned out over the past five decades that it is responsible for mass apostasy from the Church and its internal decay. Firstly, it prevents and eliminates the proclamation of the Gospel of Christ to pagans and secondly, it turns Christians into pagans inside the Church. This is the harsh reality which the adherents of so-called interreligious dialogue do not want to hear. Such dialogue, in essence, is a betrayal of Christ and a betrayal of the Church!

Question: What is the essence of Christianity?

Answer: Salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ through faith. Christianity truthfully shows the basic realities concerning man. It shows the meaning and purpose of our life, namely to receive the divine life here in time which will be brought to perfection in eternity. It truthfully shows the meaning of suffering which we endure daily.

Question: What happens in interreligious dialogue?

Answer: Christians exchange the truth and life for false philosophical and pagan systems. They thus step onto the road to destruction. It is the madness of contemporary apostate Christianity!

Question: What else can interreligious dialogue be compared to?

Answer: It can be compared to the situation where the father of the family starts to bring home people suffering from various infectious diseases. For example, he invites a person suffering from typhus, and the children become infected. However, the father invites another one who has another kind of infection. The children are almost unable to breathe, and soon they die of these infectious diseases. This is a picture of interreligious dialogue. The carriers of infection suffer no harm in contact with those who are healthy, but those who are healthy die.

Question: What to say in conclusion?

Answer: The Amazon Synod goes even deeper than interreligious dialogue. Satanism, which is the essence of paganism, is going to be officially accepted and legalized by the pseudo Pope at the Synod.
Dear bishops and priests, take a decisive step for the restoration of the Church: Stop mentioning the name of the murderer of the Church of Christ during the Mass!

+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops

4 September 2019