Twisting Words: Kasper "Denies" Secret Meeting About Amazon Synod

Calling reports about a June 25 secret meeting of modernist prelates dealing with the Amazon Synod a "defamation" and "completely absurd," Cardinal Walter Kasper has actually confirmed them.

Kasper was a participant in the secret meeting.

Talking to (June 26), he called the meeting instead an [allegedly] “serious theological symposium,” although the modernist camp has abandoned theological arguments at least since Pope Francis' election.

The cardinal admitted that the secret meeting was talking about abolishing priestly celibacy.

Kasper has a history of lying in public. In October 2014 he publicly denied having said that one cannot speak "with Africans and people of Muslim countries" about accepting homosexual fornication because it is "a taboo" for them.

As a consequence, the journalist to whom he had made his controversial statements, published the audio recording.

Picture: © Mazur/, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsUyjqdkwakg
As I have said time and again: These people are pathological LIARS. They wouldn't know what the truth of anything is if it slapped them in the face!
Who am I to judge? Well mr Kasper will burn in hell for all eternity for all these public scandals. Repent before it's too late.
Lisi Sterndorfer
Cardinal Kasper in April 2017: Pope Francis wants episcopal conferences to decide on married priests…/5001
Where have I heard that name Kasper?
Oh yes that's right Ann Barnhardt has a video where his ideas about the papacy are covered in great detail.
Thanks Ann for bringing a spotlight to the party.