Normand Thomas

45. Freedom

Jesus came to show us the face of God. He came to heal us and help us out of slavery and convert, of course, if we want to welcome Jesus as our Lord and Saviour. As it is written:
“Many followed him, and he cured them all.” Matthew, chapter 12, verse 15

Let’s continue to work on our own conversion to Jesus’s Sacred Heart and he will show us he’s our Lord and Saviour. Let’s ask ourselves the question: “Did I become a slave to something or someone?”

Let’s briefly do a parallel with the slavery of sin. As soon as we move away from God, we will reduce ourselves to more faults and sins. The remoteness from God will be caused by slavery, which will sink us into sin. Sin and evil always lead us away from God.

May we dare take the risk of following Jesus like the people of Israel out of Egypt with God’s forceful hand. May we dare leave our bad habits.

Jesus heals us from our remoteness if we wish. The decision is ours, because we are free.

The new American Bible, 2011-2014
Book: A path to conversion, Normand Thomas