Good Night: President Prepares Abomination - Bishops Sleep

The Argentinian President Alberto Fernández introduced a bill last month to legalise abortion across the nation.

Health minister Ginés González García, 75, is one of the biggest proponents of the bill. On Tuesday he trivialised abortion as “public health issue,” claiming that when a mother is pregnant there are "not two lives involved, as some say.”

For González there is "clearly" only one single person "and the other is a phenomenon," because "if it were not like that, we would be facing the greatest universal genocide.” González could not explain why he makes such a fuss for a "phenomenon" only.

The Argentinean bishops or Francis have opposed no meaningful resistance against the murderous law.

Picture: © American Life League, CC BY-NC, #newsWzmddzwqrk

Pope Francis has more pressing religious concerns, @Alex A... like criticizing lockdown protestors and fighting climate change.
Alex A
Over to you Francis! But, don't hold your breath waiting for a Vatican response let alone an intervention from the head of God's Church.