Cardinal Zen: Francis Is “Full of Love”, But Parolin Is "Arrogant", Uses "Lies"

In a forthcoming book, Hong Kong Cardinal Joseph Zen has kind words for Pope Francis, “” (January 25) writes.

Zen calls Francis “a man full of love” with “great compassion for the poor and the weak”, noting however that he also has “a lot of sympathy” for communists.

The cardinal discharges his wrath on Vatican's second man, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, calling him “arrogant" and "despotic” and lacking respect for the truth,

“Intelligent as he is, his sophistry and half-truths can only be willful lies.”

According to Zen, Parolin is infatuated with Ostpolitik (appeasing the communists) and hid the "horrible face of Chinese Communism” from Francis.

Picture: Joseph Zen, © Michael Swan, CC BY-ND, #newsWwqjgwxzrv
Full of Love? For humanism, I'd say.
“The ones we fear are Pope Francis’ collaborators.” - Cardinal Zen. [Really?]
communism dont mix with christianity