"I Am Not Always Crying" - Cardinal Tagle

Asked by KtoTv.com (May 24) why he often sheds tears in public, Cardinal Tagle, 64, Prefect of the Congregation for Evangelisation, replied, “I guess shedding tears is part of human experience.”

He added that “people” shed tears when they are in love, happy or suffer, “I don’t know if I'm just emotional but I guess when I am in a situation, I allow myself to be affected. But I’m not always crying, sometimes I laugh, too.”

Mature persons do restrain their emotion, especially in public.


Joseph Ostermeir
Pope Francis II. Right now he seems like a nice guy. After he steps out on the balcony, he will become a tyrant. Because the St. Gallen Mafia will make him be a tyrant. And then the Francis II regime will dismantle the "Ecclesia Dei" communities, and diocesan TLMs. Prepare now. SSPX. Or a network of House Chapels.
Why him ? Whose trying to push him to be pope ?.Lord give us good Sheppards That do the will of God ,not the will of the world ,We need a Pope that is a real Vicar of Christ that stands for His
Church and Truth no more washed down church doctrine (no more clown shows)and wanting to be modernists
Als je een zuiver geloof hebt in God, maar lid bent van de organisatie van de Rooms Katholieke kerk, dan kun om de geestelijke pijn die je moet lijden om de geloofs chaos die tegenkomt, wel altijd huilen.