Response to a hypocritical “Open letter by Bishop Schneider”

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“For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” (Heb 4:12)

Your Excellency,

You openly identify Bergoglio’s doctrinal and moral heresies, and even the sins against the First Commandment associated with idolatrous apostasy. In addition, You truly admit that these gravest crimes have already changed the Catholic faith. So logically, You should draw a clear conclusion: The multiple heretic and apostate occupying the papal office is an invalid Pope, and therefore he must resign! Instead, You impose a totally absurd conclusion: A heretical and apostate Pope must continue in office even if he has committed the gravest crimes and the supreme apostasy from God and the Church. Catholics should offer prayers of repentance for him and remain faithfully devoted to him.

This is gross manipulation and deception against the teaching of the Church and against the Word of God and the Tradition. You deliberately ignore the fact that Bergoglio has excluded himself from the Church by reason of his apostasy and is not even a Christian anymore. You refuse to admit that the Catholic faithful must not submit to this apostate. You thus mislead them onto the path of eternal destruction. Your attitude is a more serious crime than the crimes committed by Bergoglio. St Basil says: “The defender of sin deserves a more severe punishment than the sinner himself.” Therefore, these words are addressed to You: Being a defender of a heretic, You deserve a more severe punishment than the archheretic Bergoglio.

Bergoglio has provoked a situation in the Church which has caused a shock leading to salvation and hence created an opportunity for a spiritual awakening. But You quickly destroy this chance. You use Your pompous orthodoxy to win favour from true Catholics with the aim of maintaining the apostate system and spirit promoted by Bergoglio. Under the guise of penitential prayer, You avoid the most essential step of repentance and conversion, namely resignation of the apostate from the office of the Pope. What You commit is an extremely serious sin and crime against the Church, against the truth, and a sin against the Holy Spirit.

In Your Open letter, You say that being a successor of the Apostles You cannot remain silent on the idolatry of Francis. Therefore, we have some essential questions to ask You:

1) Did Francis, the major initiator of public idolatry connected with the occult in the Vatican, participate in it as a private theologian or as the Roman Pontiff, i.e. as the Vicar of Christ on earth?

2) If a Christian has taken part in public idolatry and leads other Christians to idolatry, is he an apostate or not?

3) We ask: Can an apostate (lapsus) hold office in the Church if, being a manifest heretic, he is not even a Christian anymore?

4) Is the Dogmatic Bull of Paul IV Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio still in force which says that even if a heretic becomes Pope, he is excommunicated from the Church?

5) Is God’s Word in Galatians 1:8-9 still true?

“Even if we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than what we have preached to you, let him be accursed! As we have said before, so now I say again, if anyone preaches any other gospel (doctrine) to you than what you have received, let him be accursed!”

Is idolatry mixed up with the teaching of Christ another gospel or is it the true Gospel? Does Bergoglio preach the true Gospel or another – false – gospel? Is he under an anathema according to the Word of God or not? Is he excommunicated by God or not? Everyone knows that he is! You say that he is not! Being a successor of the Apostles, do You accept God’s Word with all the consequences or do You boycott it? In this situation when Bergoglio is under an anathema, You still publicly acknowledge him as the rightful Pope before the Catholic world. You say that this apostate, who has defied God and His law as well as the Church of Christ, is our father who can never be replaced. Do You deceive Catholics purposefully or are You not aware of deceiving them?

In Your open letter, You dazzle the faithful with quotations of Scripture, of the Church Fathers and of the Church Councils, but You deliberately evade the core of the problem, namely that a heretic and idolater is no longer a Christian and hence cannot be Pope. What is Your aim?

You say in the Holy Mass: “Together with Francis our Pope”. It means that You share the unity of faith and spirit with an apostate. Are You aware that You thus bring God’s anathema on Yourself? Unlike other bishops and priests, You publicly call Bergoglio’s heresies heresies, but then You exchange embraces with him and speak about a fraternal atmosphere during the audience. You thus confirm that You are in spiritual unity with him. St John the Apostle warns us not even to greet heretics so as not to share in their heresies (2Jn).

When Archbp. Viganò publicly spoke out against the homosexual network in the highest positions and called for Bergoglio’s resignation so that the process of the restoration of the Church may start through true repentance, You first joined those who supported Viganò. But then You denied his most important demand with Your statement that even if a Pope was a heretic or practised paedophilia or homosexual abuse of subordinates directly in the Vatican, he continues to be Pope and all Catholics must respect him and accept his apostasy as a cross to bear. Why do You spread such an absurd lie and manipulation of Scripture and Church doctrine?

We ask You: What is Your personal attitude towards the issue of homosexuality and paedophilia among the clergy?

And then, we ask You why it is only now that You speak out against paganism spreading within the Church? Why have You not spoken out against the spirit of Assisi and its continuation in syncretistic meetings held regularly in Astana? Are You not Bishop of this city? Why have You not composed a penitential prayer for atonement and called on the faithful of Your diocese to participate in it? Where was Your apostolic duty of the bishop, successor to the Apostles, to defend the purity of the faith?

We ask next: Why does Archbp. Viganò have to hide while You have no problems despite precisely and publicly defining the heresies of Francis? Are You willing to separate Yourself from the public apostate and heretic Francis Bergoglio and to support Archbp. Viganò whom God has chosen as the rightful successor of the Apostle Peter to defend the truths of the faith and morals?

It can no longer be denied that Francis Bergoglio consciously perpetrates his heresies, apostate teaching and acts as the head of the Universal Church, as the supreme teacher of the Church. If in Your view he continues to be Pope even though he is a heretic, You thus deny the dogma of papal infallibility as well as the essence of the very institution of the papacy. Are You aware of it?

You speak out against pagan practices. We therefore ask: Have You used alternative medicine therapies? Bergoglio has admitted that he has been healed by an occult healer. Have You used homoeopathic remedies? Surely You know that this is the field of alchemy and pseudo spirituality connected with magic and divination. Have You warned Your sheep against alternative medicine?

Moreover, concerning Your penitential prayer at the end of Your letter, it is in fact professional hypocrisy and professional manipulation exploiting the sincere faith. You reject the step of true repentance, i.e. Bergoglio’s resignation from office, and instead You call for so-called penitential prayers in order to prevent anyone from taking any action and to allow the heretic to continue destroying the Church undisturbed.

You appear to be a true Catholic but You cleverly avoid persecution for the true faith because You do not really have the spirit of true faith nor do You allow it to enter into the Church.

You have written an open letter to the Catholic public. We respond to Your letter and have asked You a couple of questions. Both we and the Catholic public are waiting for Your public response. The Catholic faithful have the right to know whom You actually serve and whose intentions and plans You carry out.

In an interview with LifeSiteNews.com on 4 November 2019, You said that the faithful have to resist (Francis) but they should do so “respectfully as Paul resisted Peter when he started a very ambiguous behaviour”. Your Excellency, let us point out to You what the whole world already knows – Bergoglio, being a manifest heretic, is no Peter but a Judas.


Your Excellency, You exactly identify Bergoglio’s heresies and apostasy, yet You have imposed a false axiom on Catholics: An apostate Pope must stay in office.

You are deceiving true Catholics! These souls are not in unity with the apostate Francis but they are in unity with You because of Your public orthodox conduct. You are well aware that Your unity with the apostate Bergoglio will gradually bring these sheep under his apostate system, and the curse which has been placed on Bergoglio will pass on to them too and will not only obscure their minds but also deprive them of the light of faith which they now have. Behind Your activity is the spirit of antichrist. You threaten the Church more than the manifest apostate Bergoglio. Repent, and separate Yourself from the spirit of antichrist which You serve!

+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops

13 November 2019