Two Priests Imprisoned: A Strange Story from Pope Francis’s Buenos Aires Days

Henry Sire July 23, 2018 One Peter Five The question of Fr. Jorge Bergoglio’s relations with the Argentine military regime, which was in power from 1976 to 1983, was treated in 2005 by the journalist…
angry bob
Something is bubbling to the surface. Something we have known for a long time and the main stream is soon to find out.
This man is a schemer whose only true loyalty is to himself. This was an interest of the oligarch media until they realised that Pope Bergoglio was on their side.
Montfort AJPM
The Antichrist is tricking you!
How very happy you are,
He's always adding more,
Taking himself for the new Jesus
With his new gospel
Rainbow and pedophile!
As with him, you agree,
He will lead you to your death.
Many dream of a holiness that is not true;
The real, assures Antichrist, is to turn the planet clockwise...