Hagia Sophia: Surprise! The Mosaics Are Back

After the recent conversion of the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople/Istanbul into a mosque, the Christian mosaics that were hidden in the process are suddenly visible again.

This was noticed by a correspondent of when she was at the Hagia Sophia for another story (December 2). The transformation of the Chora monastery was also stopped.

The reason for this was probably an October visit by the UNESCO which could remove Constantinople's Old City Peninsula from the list of World Heritage Sites and thus damage tourism.

The Chora Monastery with its magnificent frescoes would have looked like a multi-purpose hall after its remodelling. However, this conversion was stopped by President Erdogan, who instead ordered the restoration of the monastery.

Picture: © wikicommmons, CC BY-SA, #newsQhwjdcpuwg

Arnavutköy, Istanbul until 1923 it was a Greek Orthodox neighborhood