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"The Virgin made me realize that the message of Fatima continues at Tre Fontane." — Bruno Cornacchiola, June 1948

“What I dreamt I really hope never comes to pass, it is too painful and I hope that the Lord will not allow the Pope to deny every article of faith and then take the place of God. How much pain I felt throughout the night, even my legs became paralysed and I could no longer move because of the pain I felt in seeing the Church reduced to a pile of rubble.” — Bruno Cornacchiola, 27 March 1977

Bruno Cornacchiola † (9 May 1913 - 22 June 2001), seer of the Virgin of the Apocalypse
Source: Saverio Gaeta, Il veggente. Il segreto delle Tre Fontane, Salani editore, Milano, 2016, Capitolo 3 Il Messaggio, Capitolo 11 Il Futuro
Public domain
Ralph Alexander Michael Curtis
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Ralph Alexander Michael Curtis
We are seeing the messages unfolding before our eyes even though the enemies within the Vatican II Church would like to keep the faithful ignorant of the Fatima message.