Career Francis-Jesuit Resigns After Alcohol-Fuelled Misbehaviour With Adults

Jesuit Father Kevin O’Brien, 54, a trained lawyer, has resigned as the President of Santa Clara University in Silicon Valley, California. California Governors Gavin Newsom and Jerry Brown are among the universities former alumni.

In January, he had presided over an inaugural Mass with Joe Biden. A former associate pastor at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Washington, D.C. got to know then U.S. Vice President Biden.

Now, an investigation has found he engaged in inappropriate, alcohol-fuelled conversations with graduate students. He has begun a therapeutic outpatient program to address personal issues, including alcohol and stress counselling. Information about the case is limited to protect O’Brien.

O’Brien had the position since July 2019 and was placed on leave in March. He wants to return to priestly ministry and acknowledged having exhibited behaviours over the past year in certain social settings with adults.

In a September 2018 piece for the oligarchs’ which turned out to be a cheap mingle mangle of Francis mantras, O’Brien explained “why I’m staying in the church” in the face of “recent revelations of sexual abuse and abuse of power in the church.”

Going with the flow, he insisted on confronting a "culture of clericalism" and "privilege that enables abusive exercise of authority” advertising himself as somebody who counselled “many people scandalised by past revelations of abuse and frustrated by the insensitivity or arrogance of church leaders and ministers,” and complaining about “scapegoating gay and lesbian Catholics for the crisis.”

He explained that “some decided to leave the church lest they lose their faith.” Finally, he presented “my own struggle” which let him to the conclusion that, anyway, “the church is a people on a journey to make God's dream for the world a reality.”
Hugh N. Cry
Wanna bet it was with adults of the male persuasion?
Technically knowingly gettting drunk is a mortal sin.