Jeffrey Ade
Vaccination is part of the Satanic ritual consent. No covid, no virus, just plain down home Black Magic with a little microwave radiation thrown in for good measure!
Live Mike
Booster jab every 6 months? 1.5mn double-dosed & recovered Israelis lose Green Pass privileges as stricter Covid-19 rules kick in
Just because Israel does something, doesn't mean Murrica will always follow. Israel gives their rural settlers full-auto Uzi SMGs for self-defense. ;-)
Facts Not Lies
IMO... (probably unpopular).
One Uzi? Hmmm Maybe 2 in case of a jam.
" case of a jam". They taught emergency chamber clearing drills in Advanced Infantry Training. Who told you taking that elective was a good idea, Shimon? Who told you? :D And who didn't listen? Who wanted to chase girls at Eilat Beach instead? ..and now he worries about his Uzi jamming. Oy vey... :P
Some of the present visionaries /I think Enoch from Colombia/ claim that the Covid virus is binary...and all of the visionaries /such as Gisella Cardia, Luz de Maria/ say that we should not take the jab - it is a serious sin to take it /it changes the human DNA/.
Short article what's inside the shot: