Cardinal Pell Publishes First Article: “One Disappointment After Another”

“Every person suffers. None escapes all the time,” Cardinal Pell wrote on TheAustralian.com.au (April 10) after having spent 440 days in prison as an innocent man.

The article's photo shows Pell, dressed as a layman, on his way to Sydney. Its title: “In the Suffering, we Find Redemption.”

Pell writes:

“I have just spent 13 months in jail for a crime I didn’t commit, one disappointment after another.

I knew God was with me, but I didn’t know what He was up to, although I realised He has left all of us free.

But with every blow it was a consolation to know I could offer it to God for some good purpose like turning the mass of suffering into spiritual energy.”


Probably the cruelest disappointment has been the half-hearted reaction from his colleagues within the Church, the proverbial "damning with faint praise".