Benedict XVI confirms he attended disputed 1980 meeting in Munich

Munich, Germany, Jan 24, 2022 / 03:38 am Pope emeritus Benedict XVI has apologized for mistakenly saying that he did not attend a disputed meeting …
David Oertl
@Angelo That's an interesting theory, but surely would leave the present occupant exposed to a similar coup. ...unless, "steps" were taking to eliminate the formation of future filth parades I suppose.
John A Cassani
I believe that Cardinal Kasper, in the wake of Abp. Viganò’s calling for Francis’ resignation, said that, if he were to resign, it would be invalid, because it would be under duress. Wouldn’t the same apply to the resignation of Benedict XVI?
Angelo Santelli
So this is how they bagged Raatzinger-- Bergoglio and his filth parade essentially blackmailed the Rottweiler into resigning.


Ex-pope apologises for 'incorrect' information given to German inquiry