"What is it" really about?

Dear Priests

Your role in this period is of Biblical proportions. Incredulously the Pope and Hierarchy seem to be oblivious of biblical signs.

Fatima whether you like it or not, is prophetic, real, specifically relevant and urgent. To see and understand this prophesied period of time we need to see this through the lens Our Lady presented to the Church 100 years ago at Fatima.

This period of time is not about the medical safety of citizens, when 2 + 2 doesn’t equal 4 you know something “else” is the agenda and Our Lady sent by God has identified the agenda and presented us with the ONLY means to battle.

Dear Priests we can no longer rely on our Hierarchy to defend us from this evil, you are our last line of defence before destruction of our Nation, do not wait for their impetus, Our Lady has presented the simplest of plans that requires only obedience. “ Unless like the King of France…”

Please take the hour to refresh on Fatima with this little 100 page publication from 1958

Please please can you forward this message to all Priests as you have the Divine conduit from the faithful to the hierarchy, the mission and power to end this period of time in Divine accord.

Jesu et Maria
Catholic Laity
created after the execution of King Louis XVI in January 1793, the Committee of Public Safety was created in April 1793 by the National Convention and restructured in July 1793. It was charged with protecting the new republic against its foreign and domestic enemies, fighting the First Coalition and the Vendée revolt.
One more comment from Scapular
We are living in dark days obviously foretold at Fatima.

The Church hierarchy is hiding under the bed, more concerned about the “unvaccinated” than the unbaptised and unabsolved! The churches remain closed and the tabernacles are collecting dust, not souls.