Try the Automated Subtitles - What's New? introduced automated subtitles for videos in December 2020.

Last month, we upgraded their accuracy and added to the 13 recognised languages about 60 more. Among them are Polish and Slovak, countries in which has a solid audience.

What’s new? Until now, the words were verified and matched with the help of dictionaries, while the new system “listens” to letters and syllables (i.e. phonetics). This produces more typos but the content is easier to understand. An example: When somebody speaks about a "sacrament," it is easier to understand “sakramend” than the (false) rendering “argument.”

You can now download transcripts of videos. Click on "More" underneath a video, then on "Download text." The written rendering of English is very good. In other languages it can still be improved.

What's on track? We are nearly finished with the new language recognition (and invested the big amount of €3,000 into it). Currently the AI (= artificial intelligence) system recognises some sort of language dyeing, and literally transforms a word into a picture to recognise the language it belongs to. However, for instance, accents of foreign speakers can cause problems: once, a video in which Bishop Schneider who grew up in Germany, speaks English was falsely recognised as German. Our new system will be revised within the next weeks.

We have been working at for more than a decade on implementing and improving best social media technology. We hope that our work may benefit you.

If you have a possibility to support our work, we would be grateful. Only our monthly server fees are about $4.000. Ad another $2.000 a month for the mandatory copyright filter. To be honest, we urgently need your help especially in summer, when donations dry up. God bless you!

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Christ takes great comfort by being hugged like that from an innocent soul
"Keep in mind that our community is not composed of those who are already saints, but of those who are trying to become saints. Therefore let us be extremely patient with each other’s faults and failures." — Mother Teresa