Low Budget But A BIG Leap Forward

This summer [winter for the southern hemisphere], we ask you to help us raising €25,000 online. Please, stand with us, please donate to our common mission.

Gloria.tv is a unique project in the Catholic world - including the Vatican, dioceses, conservative, liberal, and traditional milieus. Since 2010, we live in a social media world. In the 1.2 billion people Church there is only one Catholic social media: Gloria.tv.

Operating in many languages, it has reached the ends of the earth. It connects users and their posts with each other and around the globe - which is what is social media all about.

Unlike the secular networks, Gloria.tv is independent. For all vital functions, we have never relied on third-party platforms. From the beginning, we have been self-hosted, including video-servers.

Upcoming additional expenses are for storage servers as ours are currently at more than 90% capacity. Building a high-tech network low budget without salaries and very limited hardware resources was the result of God’s help and hard work.

We were challenged by software errors with no clue where to start debugging. Once, a high-tech programmer searched three months until he could solve the issue.

Was it worth it? According to the web analytics service SimilarWeb (Israel), Gloria.tv has become the biggest Catholic website.

Besides numbers, we keep receiving feedback telling us how much Gloria.tv makes a difference for our user’s lives. They find on Gloria.tv like-minded people or, sometimes, simply somebody to fight with.

We all know, times are difficult. In recent months, some of our cheap rented servers were cancelled, because the data centre couldn’t keep up with the electricity prices.

If you can, please donate, a small or large amount. The Almighty and YOU - our donors, who trust us and support this platform – make this mission possible. There is much more to do.

You can donate
Bank transfer: AT67 6000 0102 1003 6488

Paypal/Credit Card: kindful

THANK YOU for being here, THANK YOU for your posts, comments, shares, likes, THANK YOU for standing with us. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU for all you do for us.


Sancte Teotónio
You have my contribute! Keep up the good work.! 🙏
Wilma Lopez shares this
Nobody does what Gloria.tv does.
Sally Dorman
Kunst und die schönen Dinge
“You must ask for God’s help. ... After each failure, ask forgiveness, pick yourself up, and try again.” -C.S. Lewis
De Profundis shares this
Thanks to Gloria.tv. You got far in the last decade.