Secularised Church: The Guy With the Sunglasses Is a "Cardinal"

The above picture was distributed on a cellphone application. It shows “Cardinal” Konrad Krajewski - with a grey t-shirt and blue swimming shorts - enjoying his time at the beach with people who were declared “homeless” and “poor” in order to turn the gaily outing into something more “serious.”

After spending the day in the seaside town of Palidoro near Rome, the group had pizza and later headed back to Rome.

On another occasion, comical Krajewski claimed that the “homeless” all have crippled feet and need special shoes. Or he promised to pay the electricity bill for a Roman house occupied by Communist – but he never did.


For "poor" people they look awfully well-fed. That older dude in the turquoise shorts has a righteous beer-gut. Maybe the Cardinal can host a GTV pizza party. "Special shoes... " LOLOL . I need "special shoes" too, like a pair of Versace Lace Up Leather Brogues. Gonna feel jus' fine on mah crippled feets. :P