246. Near Jesus

Paul is rejoicing in Thanksgiving. He’s cheerful and overwhelmed by the Presence of Jesus made visible in the people who are with him. He received this news from a good companion, Epaphras. He says:

“Epaphras our beloved fellow slave, who is a trustworthy minister of Christ on your behalf and who also told us of your love in the Spirit.” Colossians, chapter 1, verses 7 to 8

We see this Love of the Holy Spirit in every person who devotes himself to the salvation of his neighbour. The Pope, cardinals, priests, spouses, children, religious, sisters, brothers, deacons, pastoral workers, committed laity, people who have at heart the believers of a community, the leaders of faith groups, mature faith in hearts of children in Jesus Christ, the children who live it fully, people awakening God in hearts, let’s name them all, as soon as we carry Christ internally, we become faithful to the mission of Jesus for our contemporaries. Let’s receive the anointing of graces that feeds our spiritual life.

Book: The Shepherd’s Mission
Normand Thomas