Ishmael and Islam with English VOICE and Subtitle in English inside and available with CC and Transcription Praise be Jesus-Christ, His grace and His peace be with you! In order to give oneself legit…More
Ishmael and Islam with English VOICE and Subtitle in English inside and available with CC and Transcription

Praise be Jesus-Christ, His grace and His peace be with you! In order to give oneself legitimacy incontestable, because divine,
Islam claims to be binding, to be heir of the Hebrew-Christian Revelation. He would be the descendants of Ishmael like Israel
would be the Isaac's progeny, all both being the sons of Abraham, the father of believers, with who God has done an alliance.
Let's analyze what this argument is worth, knowing that the texts of the Old Testament have a symbolic language that transcends
their historical truth. Abraham had already reached the age of 100 years (Gn 21.5) and his wife Sarah, elderly ninety-year-old,
was sterile (Gn 11.30). That is to say if their hope of survival, consisting to perpetuate themselves thanks to their descendants,
was desperate. Also the promise that God did to them of progeny too numerous as the stars of the sky and the grains sand
on the sea (Gn 12.2; 15.5; 17.4; 22.17; 26.4), was it too wonderful that naturally unbelievable, so that Abraham, who believed
nevertheless to this promise, not only did that it has become a reality, but acquired in the sight of God deserves it
of Faith (Gn 15.6) and became "father of the believers" (Gn 17.5). But before that, as the time went on, and pressed,
because Sarah was not getting pregnant, she thought she was doing well to invite her husband to give himself a posterity
at least him, with their slave Agar. And this is how Ishmael was conceived, which is not the fruit of Abraham’s union and Sarah,
but of their doubt about the promise divine (Gn 12.2; 15.2-6; 16.2). And even if the idea were accepted at the time, Ishmael
was not conceived in the sanctity of monogamous marriage, alone given by God at the origin of the humanity (Gn 16.2; Mt 19.1-9).
He represents in this the carnal progenity of Abraham, and as such, also the descendants from Abraham by Isaac.
Who were satisfied with their carnal generation, by refusing to reborn to the life of God by the Faith in Jesus,
the Messiah. (Mt 11.16; 24.34; Jn 8.58; Ga 4.21-31; 2 P 2.12) And God, who always keeps His word, gave at Sarah to be pregnant.
His son, Isaac (Gn 21: 1-3), then figure the spiritual descent of Abraham, conceived, by the faith in the divine Promise.
If Isaac and Ishmael are from differents unions, however, they personally share the same humanity, subject to sin and private
of the eternal life. The difference between them comes no only what alone Isaac is the fruit of a legitimate marriage,
and that Ishmael, born of a slave, carries in him this infamy, but still that Issac was miraculously born. However,
what meant this miraculous conception of Issac, if not the miraculous conception of Christ (Lk 1: 26-38), which she announced
and thus preparing to recognize? The miraculous birth of Christ allowed that of Christians, who are not related to Isaac
or Ishmael, but to the faith of Abraham (Gn 18:18; Jn 8.56; Ga 4.21-31). They are his true descent (Gn 12.3; Lk 19.9; Mt 28.19),
catholic, that is to say universal, opened to whole humanity, and not just to one nation, whether it is Hebrew or Arab,
and because they live of the real life, the divine life, eternal, received with their baptism (Jn 3.5-8).
1. The identification of Islam to Ishmael, or at the Arab nation, (copy of the report of judaism to Isaac) contradicts
the claim to universality plagiarized of Christianity, as true as all muslims are not arabs, nor all Arabs, muslims.
Also, when to refuse the christian faith, Islam claims that the divine promise did not concern Isaac,
but Ishmael, he doesn't realize that his rivalry mimetic with judaism deprives him, too of Heritage

of true descendants of Abraham, in which we become by receiving the Spirit of God given at baptism (Jn 1.12-13 3.5)

"No one, unless you reborn from the water and the Spirit cannot to enter in the Kingdom of God, (Jn 1.12-13; 3.5) ».
Only those enter at Paradise who want it, not those who were born here or there. God created us without us,
but he doesn't want to save us without us. There is a door to enter to Paradise, and it is the Christ (Jn 10.9),
who died to atone our sins and resurrected to open us the doors of eternal life.
The one who goes down another way will not enter (Jn 10.1;14.6).
This is as this that Islam, represented by Ishmael, is banned of Abraham's descent by Allah himself (6.84; 19.49),
referring to Holy Scripture saying: "Hunt the slave and his son, because the son of the slave cannot to inherit
with the son of the free woman. (Gn 21.10; Ga 4.30)" The Islam's fate, therefore is the fate
of the defeated (Jg 8.24; Ps 83.2,6). This is why God did not recognize no other son to Abraham than Isaac,
when for example He said to him: "‘ Take your son, your unique, that you cherish, Isaac (Gn 22.2,12,16; Jos 24.3-4) "".
He does not recognize Ishmael (Gn 15.4) because it is with the descendants of Isaac that God has promised to establish
the perpetual alliance (Gn 17.7-8,19-21; 21.9,12; Lv 26.42), and no with that of Ishmael, and this progeny, as I said,
it is the Christ, and in Him, the christians. That's why the Ishmaelites have never had of prophets.
Indeed, the salvation comes from jews, reminds Jesus (Jn 4.22). Thereby, how Islam wanting to identify itself with
arab's nation like judaism claims to identify itself with the nation of hebrews, how Islam can to claim to succeed
at Moses, David, the Prophets and Jesus (Koran 4.163; 61.6; 27.167-171), all descendants of the lineage of Isaac,
and be himself separated of this genealogy claimed of Ishmael? Without counting that the father of Abraham
was chaldean (Gn 11:28, 31) and his mother an egyptian (Gn 16.1), and therefore were not arabs. The Ishmaelites existed
long time before the birth of Ishmael, far from the arabian peninsula (Gn 37.25; Jg 8.24; Ps 83.6), so that
there were never any Arab claiming to be a decendant from Ishmael before the 7th century ... Why the names of Abraham,
Ishmael or Agar don't have never were not never used by the Arabs before the advent of Islam?
René Dagorn wrote, I quote: « There is no prove of the use of these biblical names before Islam in arab's onomastics.
As consequence, we can to infer that Arab's society didn't have, before the Islamic's preaching, no conscience

of any link to Abraham by Ishmael. Then, the point, the Judaic origin, talmudic of Islam. The Quran does not establish

the ancestry of arabs in Ishmael; these are the biographies of Muhammad that have done it some two hundred years
after the date the alleged death of Muhammad. But even if the Arabs would be descendants of Ishmael, that this parentage
should embarrass them, because if the judaism claiming of the progeny carnal of Abraham are satisfied of it
(forgetting in passing that neither the ancestry of Moses (Ex 2.22) neither of David (Rt 1) are jewish),
islam can only see its claim to universality be contradicted by its identification to a nation ... This genealogy
shows well a no arab's origin of islam, a jewish origin. The mimetic rivalry, and the confusion between race and religion
resulting from it, do they really serve to justify the existence of Islam?
2. The identification of islam to Ishmael has nothing of glorious, since Ishmael, born of flesh,
symbolizes the Abraham's sinful generation opposed to the carnal generation, but miraculous, from Isaac,
the prophecy of that of Christ, in whom all men are called to become children of God ...

Even if if Scripture presents the Arab as a ambush near of ways of desert (Jr 3.2), and counts the Ishmaelites
to the number of enemies of God (Ps 83.6) the moslems still claim to find the announcement of islam in the
promise that God did to Ishmael to be “ a great nation. (Gn 21.18)" But this promise is of the order
purely temporal, earthly, and nothing of spiritual. It comes of the logic expressed by Jesus when He announces
that everything will be given in abundance to those who search God and His justice (Matthew 6.33).
And because God filled Abraham of spiritual gifts, He also gives him of material wealths in overabundance

and testimony of this that benefits Ismael. But wanting to be "a great nation" on earth, what else is it,
otherwise to share the ambition of potentates and thugs of this world ? Jesus said clearly to Pilate:
"My kingdom is not of this world (Jn 18.36), really showing for that He is not came to give of temporal objects.
But the Kingdom of God, that is not of this world... But Islam wants to reign in this world (Koran 2.191, 193; 4.89, 91...).
Are these words of Saint James are not also for muslims, I quote:
"If you have in your heart a bitter jealousy and a spirit of chicanery (Quran 60.4), don't be proud, don't lie

against the truth [in saying for example that you are the better community. (Quran 3.110)]
Such wisdom does not come from God: it is terrestrial, animal, demonic. Because, where there is jealousy
and quarrel (Koran 2.193; 9.28-31; 60.4), there is disorder and all kinds of bad deeds. While the wisdom
from above is first pure, then peaceful, forgiving, benevolent, full of pity and of good fruits, without bias,
without hypocrisy. A fruit of justice is sown in the peace for those who produce the peace. (Jm 3.14-18) »
What does this bring said Jesus again, even to win the whole world, if it is to lost his soul ? (Lk 9.25)
Also the book of the Genesis well announced Islam in describing Ishmael as "a onager of man, his hand against
all and the hand of all against him (Gn 16.12)", that means as a ennemy of the humanity, and imitating then the devil.
Who can to come indeed AFTER THE CHRIST, but only the Antichrist? (Ga 4.22-31)
Who this one who has ears to hear, that they hear.
If the people knew that they are going to hell, they would give their life to Christ, the Savior!
"Abraham had two sons, one of the slave, according to the flesh, the other of the free woman,
under the promise. These women represent two alliances: one, in Arabia, corresponds to the present Jerusalem,
slave of sin with his children, the other is the Heavenly Jerusalem, and she is our mother. (Ga 4.22-31)"
Pope Innocent lll
The road to Hell is wide. Muhammad was a thief, a murderer and a liar : "Who is a liar, but he who denieth that Jesus is the Christ? This is Antichrist, who denieth the Father, and the Son.
Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father. He that confesseth the Son, hath the Father also."
- First Epistle of Jesus' ApostleJohn"