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Francis of the "Poor" Wants the Money of the Germans

The German bishops have decided to push their “new morality” as hard as they can, and to get it through, Edward Pentin told EWTN's Raymond Arroyo (September 19).

He recalled that Francis green-lighted the German Communion for Protestants and adulterers after some [pretend] back and forth. Francis agreed with them from the start but would have wished them to be less forthright.

Pentin expects Francis to let the Germans have their way with their upcoming Synodal Way.

In the end it [also] comes down to money, Pentin believes, “I think, the Vatican depends to some extent on German finance.”

Picture: Edward Pentin, © EWTN, #newsChftqllqmv
what else is new, that is why the German bishops can do what ever they want regarding the Vatican but God is not sleeping
Very likely.