When Personal Ambition Threatens a Nation—Croatian Government Under Siege

Prime Minister Tihomir Oreškovic

Article: Fr. Marcel Guarnizo-Columnist, Townhall

The current political situation in Croatia is a glaring example of how ambitious politicians can threaten the good of a nation. In January of this year, Croatia installed a most unusual Prime Minister Tihomir Oreškovic, a young reformer (50 years old), an outsider, a CEO and the first independent prime minister in Croatian modern history. Oreškovic who was working in Canada is not a creature of the two establishment parties in Croatia and is also therefore an independent reformer and clearly not owned by the political establishment.

Upon arrival, the Prime Minister promptly engaged in serious economic reform and the GDP growth in Croatia in his first quarter exceeded expectations. The Prime Minister also happens to enjoy wide support in Croatia but as you would expect the ruling political class in Croatia, marred for decades in corruption and on occasion criminality, is now seeking to bring down the government and Oreškovic, and this is what makes reform and hope in this small Central and Eastern European nation so difficult.

Prime Minister Oreškovic has launched a new wave of privatizations in order to reduce the role of government in the economy. The government recently sold its share in the electrical company Koncar for nearly 50 million Euros. International observers have welcomed the reform package proposed by the Prime Minister. Oreškovic has repeatedly stated that his main aims are to consolidate public spending and to improve the business climate in order to foster job creation. The budget deficit is expected to fall below 3% this year.

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