1994 Cairo The reduction of fertility

Report of the International Conference on Population and Development
Cairo, 5-13 September 1994

The reduction of fertility, morbidity and mortality rates, the empowerment of women, the improvement in the quality of the working population and the promotion of genuine democracy are largely assisted by progress in education.

reduction in the size of families. When mothers are better educatIon

There is a close and complex relationship among education, marriage age, fertility, mortality, mobility and activity. The increase in the education of women and girls contributes to greater empowerment of women, to a postponement of the age of marriage and to a reduction in the size of families. When mothers are better educated, their children's survival rate tends to increase

Traditional religious and cultural obstacles can be overcome by economic and social development, with the focus on enhancement of human resources. For example, Buddhist Thailand, Moslem Indonesia and Catholic Italy demonstrate that relatively sharp reductions in fertility can be achieved in an amazingly short time.