Priceless: Francis Archbishop Totally Confused When Asked About Francis’ Covering Up

At the final February 24 abuse summit press conference the CruxNow.com journalist Inés San Martín noticed that Pope Francis himself has covered up the Zanchetta case adding,

“How can we believe ‘no more cover-up’ when at the end of the day Pope Francis covered up for someone in Argentina who had gay porn involving minors on his phone?” [There is no evidence that Zanchetta possessed such gay porn.]

The question took Malta Archbishop Charles Scicluna by surprise (view his body language in the video below), “About the case. I’m not. I’m not. You know. I’m not authori[sed]. I mean. Yea”, he stuttered confused.

Then, Vatican Press Speaker Alessandro Gisotti stepped in. He said that an investigation is going on and journalists will be informed after its completion.


la verdad prevalece
There is evidence of Zanchetta pornography sent from his phone adoracionyliberacion.com/…/zanchetta-y-cas…
I don't like to admit it. But Ivereigh is correct here.
cover up continues
De Profundis
Scicluna is "not authorised" to speak about Zanchetta. Who doesn't want this discussed?
De Profundis
The truth shall set you free. The bishop of rome has not and afraid will never tell the truth. Lord save your people.