With the Immaculate

My stubborn disobedience by Fr. Patrick Girouard

Father Girouard is just about to be expelled from the SSPX. Indeed, Bishop Fellay just sent Father Girouard, priest of the Vancouver area, his canonical monition ordering him to obey him under threat of expulsion. For those who don't know, Fr. Girouard is a priest of the SSPX who has refused the change of orientation of the Society undertaken by Bishop Fellay, who absolutely wants to reach an agreement with Rome. On June 2nd this year, Father started a parish in Aldergrove, near Vancouver, with the help of 36 faithful. You can see him, well surrounded, on this picture. If you click on this link, you can listen to the video of his English sermon as well as read the transcript (which also exists in a French version). Have a good time and spread the news around!
I cannot see how an agreement is close, even remotely close. The recent statement rightly emphasises doctrine.