Gloria.tv Has Become a Big Baby of a Childless Mother

Gloria.tv’s database contains nearly two million media like videos, news, audios, articles, pictures, albums.

They were generated by 640,000 registered users who also wrote 3,5 million postings and put 3 million "likes."

In 2019 alone, more than 35 million unique visitors, all with different IP addresses, visited Gloria.tv. They created a total number of 1,3 billion (!) page views.

Gloria.tv is the biggest (and only) independent social media in the Catholic world. Who controls the social media, controls the flow of information. Therefore, the present monopolisation of the secular Social Media jeopardises the freedom of information.

No wonder that any big institution of the 3rd millennium needs its own social media. This would be true for secular institutions like the European Union, Russia, China, Latin America. It is also true for the Catholic Church. Yet, the only Catholic social media is Gloria.tv.

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Picture: Mater Ecclesia © Lawrence OP, CC BY, #newsTweacshkzx

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