Reporter asks Press Secretary, if the topics of conversation between Biden and Pope Francis “grounded on respect for fundamental human dignity” will include “human dignity of the unborn”.
Chi è come Dio Nessuno è come Dio Crux
ai livelli alti non conviene parlare della dignità dei non-nati perchè l' ipocrisia sarebbe troppo evidente da sopportare
Brigate Rozze
se ho compreso bene, ci sta da discutere dei danni irreparabili del cambiamento del clima. la questione dei non nati è un discorso di poco conto nella discussione.
Facts Not Lies
She basically said little more than:
1) Sales pitch for diaper biden (likely one on both ends) - 95% of her response
2) Biden does not care about the murder of the unborn. - 3% of her response
3) Leave me alone... now I will ignore you - 2% of her response

It seemed clear to me.
Roberto 55
Typical argument of servants of satan: "I answered your question". No she didn't cause her answer was: Biden (a catholic in good standing - ha ha) is pro choice = pro murder and Joe met with Francis officially for 4th time.
This redhead is professional liar and hypocrite....
EVil idiologies from these people
Stop murdering babies
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Die Pressesprecherin des US-Präsidenten Joe Biden hat bestätigt, dass die "Würde des ungeborenen Lebens" bei seinem Treffen mit Papst Franziskus am Freitag nicht auf der Tagesordnung stehen wird.
Wære eigentlich keine Überraschung.