Trump addresses the nation following the takedown of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Sepp Benedikt
President Trump congratulates U.S. military forces on a job well done and reveals sensitive material was taken from the ISIS raid that killed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.
Pray for all our leaders, religious, political, military, economic, social, et al, to be totally converted in their hearts to Jesus, and protected by their angels from attacks by Satan and his brotherhood of death.
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Trump is definitely a mason
Holy Cannoli
In addition to offing Baghdadi, he is the greatest president by far of the modern era doing more for America and Americans than anyone else during this time with the possible exception of Reagan. The he** with anyone (e.g. homos, pro-aborts, bigots and other assorted human debris) who are too simple minded to realize that fact.…/trumps-numbers-…
Ján Pavol
He is a servant of the devil and freemasons. And enemy of Christ. Liar as well.
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and the dems are communists
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Trump is a zionist. Same with all those in congress/senate, republican't, demonrat, etc. They pledge allegiance to israel and their antichrist people. Their job is to serve the talmuds. Not the American people. What israel ask for israel gets.
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