Italian Street Artist Arrested - Depicted Jesus As Pedophile

An anonymous Roman “street artist” going by the name "Hogre" was arrested for blasphemy after having depicted Christ as a "pedophile" with a kneeling boy next to him, reports ChurchMilitant.com.

The depraved representation entitled “Ecce Homo Erectus” was displayed in front of the Macro Museum of Contemporary Art.

The police found “Hogre” while he was reading his emails in a café.

In the past, he produced a poster “Immaculate Conception … In Vitro” demanding surrogacy for homosexual couples.


Its about time ,
Novella Nurney
Agreed, the article reads as if he was arrested for " blasphemy " which of course it is , but that leaves a great deal of arrest warrants to be drawn up iand issued in Italia .