"There was no response. đź’”"

Christine Sawhill Accurso:

On June 16, retired Bishop Pfeifer attempted to add an item to the USCCB's conference agenda. He motioned to have a discussion added so that they could talk about what the Biden administration is doing to the unborn through all of their proposed policies and clarity on Catholic pro-abortion politicians receiving the Holy Eucharist.

With 300 bishops on the video conference, no one seconded his motion. Then the parliamentarian stepped in and said he couldn't add anything to the agenda because he is a retired bishop. So, Bishop Pfeifer implored one of the 300 bishops online to please make that motion for him, since he was retired and couldn't do it himself. You could hear a pin drop. There was no response.
So, in charity and in truth, I would like to publicly thank Bishop Pfeifer for being the only one to stand up to try and bring this important issue to the surface so that a proper discussion could be had, for the sake of integrity for the Holy Eucharist, for the immense value of unborn children and for the salvation of the souls of pro-abortion politicians.
I wrote to him tonight and I will attempt to find his address. God bless him!