Pro-Gay World Meeting of Families - No Interest Among Catholics

Pro-gay Westminster Cardinal Vincent Nichols gave a keynote adress at the World Meeting of Families on August 23 in Dublin.

The talk was scheduled at a big outdoor venue with space for thousands of people. But only about 200 people showed up.

The picture with almost all seats left empty was published by Westminster archdiocese.

la verdad prevalece
In Ireland Bergoglio is being supported by tourists, in New York who supported Bergoglio were the GAYS as the Gay marches. Irish street vendor: "There is a lot of anger over the visit" "Pope’s not selling" "The sale is very slow"
De Profundis
One of the worst optics of this Pontificate is Pope Francis' insistence on taking and answering questions whilst sitting at a table in the Sanctuary with his back to Our Blessed Lord in the Tabernacle. It doesn't help belief in the Real Presence
San Atanasio ora pro nobis
The apostasy was generalized Crux: "Hundreds of thousands of families are attending the World Meeting of Families, including those with same sex parents" 😡
Not quite as appalling as the late Cormac Murphy O'Connor, his predecessor and a Sankt Gallen mafioso.
@Jim Dorchak. Cardinal Nichols is a modernist and a liberal, for sure. He aided and abetted the notorious 'gay Soho Masses' in London. But I do not believe he is a homosexual himself. Just a liberal.
The crowd is made up of all old people. Never say die.
De Profundis
Sometimes pictures speak louder than words Very loudly
De Profundis
Empty seats also at Mass today.
Does anyone recall the supposed scam where tickets were purchased, with the intent of not showing? This is quite a site.
And most of them were bussed in.
Where are the people?