QUI BLASPHÈME ? Who blasphemes? English Voice and Subtitle in English and Transcription. Praised be Jesus-Christ, His grace and His peace be with you! We hear a lot these days, …More
QUI BLASPHÈME ? Who blasphemes? English Voice and Subtitle in English
and Transcription.

Praised be Jesus-Christ, His grace and His peace be with you! We hear a lot these days, about of blasphemy and islamophobia

following the beheading of Samuel Patty, a teacher who showed the cartoons of Charlie Hebdo to his students. I'm not going

to talk about this but of reactions. The prime minister pakistani Imran Khan, accused Emmanuel Macron of attacking Islam;

because sir Macron defended the publication of cartoons of Muhammad. And sir Erdogan victimizes french muslims;

Too happy to present himself thus, as their defender and their leader, saying that they are treated as jews were by the nazis.

He does not fear the ridiculous. But when it is to defend islam at the eyes of muslims everything is permitted.

But there is a reality and even 2, that no one no more muslims than no-muslims seems to have noticed. The first is that

for an moslem; "All no-muslim is guilty of blasphemy." Just because in refusing to become a muslim, he therefore

asserts implicitly. but necessarily ... that Muhammad is an impostor. Otherwise, he would to become a believer to islam.

The alone presence of a no-muslim is unbearable to a devout moslem. To whom the Koran teaches that christians in particular..

are only of impurities; the worst of the creation (Koran 98.6). "More vile than the beasts and all dedicated to the fires

of eternal hell. " Because they believe in the divinity of Jesus. (Quran 9.17) We must to try to imagine the life of christians

and other unbelievers in muslim countries. Living ... constantly ... under the threat to be accused of blasphemy.

Crime punished until the death penalty. (Koran 4.89, 8.12-18) That the sentence be accomplished by

the country's justice system or by the zeal of worshipers of Allah. (Quran 4.89, 8.12-18) What to answer to your

moslem neighbor who asks you if Muhammad is a prophet, if the Koran is divine and if Allah is the true God?

So this is the salary of those who refuses Allah and his messenger: "It is that he would be killed or crucified,

that would be cutted to him the leg and arm opposited; let him be excluded from the earth. (Koran 5.33) By establishing itself

as the standard by which everyone must be submitted. Islam produces the blasphemers, and after they feel the obligation

and absolutely want to exterminate them. So this is what brings Islam to the world; the hatred.

"Between us and you it is the enmity and the hate forever, until you be muslims." (Quran 60.4) Surah 60 verse 4.

And here appears the second reality that I talked: ignored, concealed, namely that the muslims don't notice that if Allah

commands them to avenge his glory offended by the existence of no-muslims (Quran 8.39; 9.4,5,14,111; 47.4; 66.9),?

that yet himself says that he has created them as that (Koran 4.88,143; 6.149; 74.31;5.48)? The muslims are themselves

of blasphemers... Indeed, islam beginning six centuries after the coming of Christ, and blasphemes the Holy Trinity

denying that She is the one and true God, blasphemes the divinity of Jesus, His death, His resurrection, the Redemption

that He has thus accomplished, the Bible that testifies of this good new, in saying that it

was falsified (Is 40.6; Lk 21.33; Koran 2.59,75,79; 3.78 ; ), etc. It would not be more to blasphemy ! And yet, Islam has

succeeded to persuade the muslims of contrary: them would practice the pure religion of any blasphemy, and the christians

would be of blasphemers ! And despite of this, the christians don't go to humiliate the muslims, nor racketeering them

in exchange for their survival, nor persecute them to death, to burn down their houses or destroying their mosques,

as the muslims do it everywhere where they are sufficiently numerous and indoctrinated to impose the legitimacy of

their crimes. Why do the muslims punish until the death penalty the so-called crime of blasphemy, if not

for impose (Quran 4.89 8. 12-18) Allah and his "sent" at crowds so terrified? And in doing so, what do they do else otherwise

to give the proof that Allah is an idol, because an idol, which is nothing, can't do nothing by itself, it needs of support

of its worshipers to stand up (Jr 10.5). On the contrary, if Jesus has forbiden to His Apostles to defend Him during His

Passion (Mt 26.52), Why? That's because no one can do nothing against God ... Jesus did not request to His Father

the legions of angels who could have fought for Him (Mt 26.53), Why? Because no one can do anything against the Truth. (John 14.6)

His behavior refusing use of the violence murderous to impose the respect to which He was entitled, reveals that He is God.

The violence is the strength of weaks, when the patience is that of strongs, and because God is Love (1 Jn 4,8 & 16), He can only

to be proposed ... never impose himself ... The idiots continue to laugh to see Him humiliated while than by their behaviour

towards Him, they condemn themselves (Luke 20.18). Misfortune indeed to anyone who does not recognize the strength

of God (1 Co 1: 26-31) in what appears to be weakness! In fact, no one will be more unhappy than the one who will have despised

and persecuted the Love ! Instead of wanting by the violence that reigns the Imposture, (John 16.2) (Quran 2.193, 9.30)

even more demonic than she is claims to be divine, and of which they are the the firsts victims, the moslems wouldn't be better

that they worship Our Savior who is died to atone our sins, and resurrected to open us the doors of the eternal... life !

Finally, I invite everyone, and especially the muslims, to think about the following questions:

How is it possible to a no-moslem to live in muslim countries without blaspheming neither to profess islam?

How can islam to accuse the others of blasphemy when himself is based on the blasphemy of the christian faith?

How can islam to accuse the others of blasphemy when himself is based on the blasphemy of the christian faith?

If the people knew that they will going in Hell, they would give their life to Jesus-Christ!