The Macro of Rome, Museum of Contemporary Art of the Capital, is displaying a grossly obscene poster depicting Our Lord as a child abuser. The poster is obscene.

Rome, Macro exposes posters with Jesus pedophile. Melons: "Rays intervene"

Rome, 16 Dec – We all know that today it is sufficient to make a cartoon on Catholic iconography and collect the license of a …
Helen Raim
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Helen Raim
By the way, they have their own channel on YouTube, there is a lot of information, I advise everyone who is interested in this topic to watch youtube.com/channel/UC2QFjkLnFGyEfQtr9Pjgnug
J G Tasan
The worst! 😡 😡
Jorge of the Pachamamas would never allow it if it was his beloved house demons, the Pachamamas.
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle
Is the Tiber running nearby?
It is a disgrace how much people are offending our Saviour