When Bishops Put Obedience Above Charity

Fifteen years ago, Bishop Michael Burbidge, then heading the Diocese of Raleigh, instituted one of the best plans for implementing Summorum Pontificum. Two months …
Live Mike
The good Catholic people of Arlington are contending with an ambitious, politically correct, socially acceptable sycophant who would never dream of actually being a shepherd to God's people... not with a red hat at stake. But really, what should they expect from the best boy of "disgraced" Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua?
John A Cassani
By his maximal interpretation of the restrictions imposed by TC, he is being disobedient to Canon 18, which commands that restrictive laws be interpreted strictly. Of course, he is probably interpreting TC to be granting rights to his own office, and thus subject to broad interpretation. Sounds like a conflict of interest to me.