Whistleblower found dead. She devoted her work to exposing sex trafficking (also against one of the Francis' close friends).

Model and driver Natacha Jaitt appeared dead

The model and driver Natacha Jaitt was found dead this morning at a complex for events in the town of Villa La Ñata, in the Buenos Aires Tigre party. As it …
Cover up cover up murder lie cover up. Go fancis go.
Gesù è con noi
"I'm not gonna commit suicide, drown in a bathtub, shoot myself, if that happens, I didn't. Save this tweet".
alex j
Not dissimilar to the "modus operandi" of the Clintons.
More murders to cover up sex crimes. Lord save your people.
Archbishop Vignano was not paranoid when hiding. One of Bergoglio's bosom buddies, let's say, is deeply involved in trafficking young male prostitutes, so crossing these people is something to be done with caution. They 'suicide' their foes to deprive them of dignity.