Do they all get given the same script or what?
another one that likes the Kool Aid
Obviously, she has no idea of the irony of her statement
Jeffrey Ade
Thank goodness she can get the booster! It's free at Walgreens, with insurance!
Jeffrey Ade
@Maggie212 Always the kind hearted Catholic! But what about Her constituents? Poor things!
So the vax and boosters didn't work. Lucky for her she still has some immune system left to deal with Covid.
4 x more than nonvax and were still here!
Malki Tzedek
Unfortunately, this is highly unscientific, as Dr. 'I am the science' well knows. We have no idea whether she would have had mild symptoms anyway (and the current data indicates she could have had them without the shot). Such thinking is no more scientific than crossing your fingers or any other superstition. True science is built of sterner stuff.
Bad enough being so stupid yourself but to encourage others to also be stupid is unforgivable!