Did you know that the Blessing of Palms, Procession and Mass of Palm Sunday were changed in the 1955 reforms?

Some changes:
• Colour changed to red.
• Blessing of Palms “Missa Sicca” is abolished.
• Palms are blessed on a table ‘in the sight of the faithful’.
• Processional Cross is unveiled.

• Doors of the Church remain open, ‘Gloria Laus’ becomes another processional chant.
• Procession ends with a new oration said ‘Versus Populum’.
• Prayers at the foot of the altar are abolished.
• Passion does not being with the Institution Narrative of St Matthew.
• Passion does not end with a proper Gospel (sung to the ancient lament tone).
• Last Gospel is abolished.

‘...the “true” character of the rite was lost for a millennium amid the excessive multiplication of blessings, even though the blessings in the Missal of St Pius V are far fewer and shorter than those in its ancestor text in the Pontificale Romano-Germanicum, and, as the authors themselves have previously stated, we have no clear evidence of any earlier form of blessing used at Rome. In other words, the “true” character of the rite is not to be found in any actual form of it, whether then in use or used in the past, but only in the creations of the modern reformers.’ (Gregory DiPippo)

(via Restore54, facebook)
Very insightful reminder.Vatican Council II is commonly referenced as the start of the Church's troubling reforms when, in fact, they began much earlier.
Yes, the first thing the protestant "liturgists" did was revise the Holy Week prayers and protocols. For example, mass was not offered on Good Friday.