Response to the appeal of pseudo Pope Francis

8 September 2015

What is the purpose of the pseudo Pope’s appeal for hosting immigrants? Islamization of Europe! First he created the impression that the issue of immigrants is about helping Christian families in need. When the reality showed that it was not about Christians, the clergy immediately fabricated an explanation, saying that Christians should not mind whom they help. They should be, according to Card. Duka, like the Good Samaritan and help anyone. The clergy purposefully concealed the fact that the fruit would be self-destruction – both their own and of their dearest ones.
A truly patriotic attitude towards the artificially induced wave of immigrants can be seen with the Czech President: “Not a single immigrant, otherwise it will start an avalanche!” To distinguish whom to help and whom not, as the clergy suggest, is a trap and loss. Theoretically, you can distinguish between a refugee family and a killer of a terrorist Islamic group, but to distinguish it in practice is a utopia. The immigrants are without passports and there is uncontrollable pressure. Statistics show that 90% of immigrants are young Muslims. Along with them come disguised terrorists, as evidenced by the police. At the root of Islam is the principle of bloody destruction of “unbelievers” (jihad), which is testified by one-thousand-year history.
Destruction of Islamic countries (Libya, Syria, Iraq) by USA has resulted in a strong immigration wave, which was the intention. Migration has become a means for USA of eradicating Christianity and civilization in Europe.
Whom was Francis obliged to address and in what way? He was obliged to make an urgent appeal to the UN and the US government to stop initiating and arming insurgents. He was obliged to demand that USA should cease revolutionary coup technologies by which they artificially provoke civil wars and consequently the waves of immigrants. This would be a gesture of mercy towards the hundreds of thousands.
Card. Bergoglio (Francis) fell under God’s anathema according to Gal 1:8-9 for the proclamation of heresies which deny the essence of Christianity. The anathema was made public on 15 September 2009. According to the doctrinal Bull of Pope Paul IV “Cum Ex Apostolatus Officio”, if someone who previously preached heresies would become the Pope, even though he was unanimously elected, the election is invalid. So Bergoglio occupies the papal office unlawfully.
Jesus calls even today: “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. By their fruits you shall know them…” (Mt 7:15-17)
“The spirit of antichrist, whereof you have heard that it comes, it is already in the world. But you are of God, little children, and have overcome the false prophets.” (1Jn 4:3-4)
Quotation of Francis: “I appeal to the parishes, the religious communities, the monasteries and sanctuaries of all Europe to show the true meaning of the Gospel and to take in one family of refugees.”
“…I appeal to the parishes

Response: According to statistics, 90% of immigrants are men – Muslims. In addition, this is not a question of temporary assistance, but each parish will have to accept Muslims permanently. They will then invite others and others and the parish will have to provide housing for them and then build a mosque or leave the church to them, as is the case in the Netherlands or France.
Francis will thus ensure nationwide Islamization of Europe. Under the guise of mercy Catholics are to commit the greatest cruelty and cynicism in relation to themselves and each other as well as in relation to their own children and their nation.
Quotation: “…I appeal to the religious communities
Response: Francis thus destroys religious communities and reduces their religious activity, not for the benefit of the Church but in favour of Islamization to their own detriment towards self-destruction.
Quotation: “…I appeal to the monasteries
Response: In the case of contemplative convents or monasteries at all, it is their total destruction. They will turn into bastions of terrorist fighters whom nuns will serve. Moreover, there is a real danger of sexual abuse of nuns. Francis covers up this crime against God and consecrated persons by speaking about mercy!
Quotation: “…I appeal to the sanctuaries
Response: These are holy places of worship of the Lord Jesus and the Mother of God; and they will be swarming with Muslims worshipping Allah and terrorizing the Christians. In fact, this will mean destruction of all these sanctuaries.
Quotation: “…I appeal to all Europe
Response: Francis has drawn out this project of false mercy, or suicide of Christianity, for all Europe. Thus, there will soon be a crescent erected over each parish and the crosses will be removed from public places and finally from the churches too which will gradually be rebuilt into mosques. Europe should become part of the Islamic state.
Quotation: “…to show the true meaning of the Gospel”
Response: To commit spiritual suicide is not the true meaning of the Gospel, but it is a gesture of Francis’ antigospel for which he fell under an anathema – curse: “If anyone preaches any other gospel, let him be accursed.” (Gal 1:8-9) The true meaning of the Gospel is to preach salvation in Christ even at the price of martyrdom!
Quotation: “to take in one refugee family”
Response: Francis does not say openly that if any of these immigrants becomes a Christian, sooner or later they will cut his throat because such are Islamic laws and Brussels begins to respect and even promote them. If anyone tells the truth, Brussels will label him as a xenophobe and sentence him to three years in prison!
Quotation: “…I address myself to my brother bishops of Europe”
Response: Francis abused the structure of the Catholic Church, which has been built through the centuries, as well as papal authority to destroy not only Christianity but also European nations. And bishops, whom he calls brothers, are to be an instrument of this as he asks them to implement this nefarious agenda in every parish through priests, regardless of whether the nation likes it or not.
What shall officers do when the general commits treason and gives a suicidal command to totally destroy the entire army and the defended area? They must stand up against him, even at the cost of their own death. A mass murderer must be deposed from his office and removed.
Quotation: “…as true shepherds”
Response: If the bishops of Europe obey Francis, they are no shepherds after the example of Christ any more, but they are thieves and murderers (cf. Jn 10:10).
Quotation: “…to support this appeal of mine in their dioceses”
Response: To encourage bishops in suicidal globalization is, moreover, political subversion on the part of Francis. The Czech President said: “Not a single immigrant,” but Francis said: “In every parish!” Cardinal Duka hypocritically declared: “We invite those who have recourse to us to become part of our democratic society.” So let Cardinal Duka, as the Good Samaritan he speaks about, be the first to sacrifice the restitution of the property which the Church wheedled out of the Czech nation. The Vatican Bank, which especially launders dirty money, ought to make the same gesture of so-called mercy.
Quotation: “Whatever you did to the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.” (Mt 25:40)
Response: Francis stabs his least brethren, and thus Christ, in the back. The common believers trust him in blind obedience and they little dream that he could be a false shepherd who seeks to destroy Christ’s flock in Europe.
Quotation: “Whatever you did to the least of My brethren…”
Response: What did Francis do when the evil legislation introduced so-called sexual education, de facto moral devastation of the least brethren of Christ? What did he do to stop the stealing of children by the juvenile justice system? Only in Norway, 59 of the stolen children commit suicide per year… What did he do against the anti-Decalogue of the Lisbon Treaty which sets homosexualism as a priority and destroys millions of the least brethren of Christ? What did he do against heresies which are the root of this suicidal epidemic of the least and defenceless ones?
Francis’s appeal is not in harmony with the Spirit of Truth, and is not intended to restore Christianity but rather to cause its self-destruction. It incites people to commit suicide rather than show mercy. Therefore, no Christian can obey this appeal of Francis of 6 September 2015. If they do so, they call down a curse on themselves and on the whole area. What is more, they thus implement the programme of Masonic globalization associated with the reduction of mankind which leads to temporal and eternal death.
By his appeal, Francis builds a nationwide network of Islamization through treacherous bishops and treacherous priests who thus complete the process started by the generation before them which promoted heresies denying the essence of Christianity and calling for reverence for paganism and its demons (Nostra Aetate 1965, Assisi 1986) as well as toleration and promotion of gender and LGBTQ sexual perversion (Bergoglio kissing the feet of a transsexual). Islamization is the final stage of mass apostasy from Christianity and the end of Christian European culture.
The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate appeals to priests to stop mentioning the heretic Bergoglio under the name of Francis in the liturgy because they thus publicly manifest that they submit to his heretical and autogenocidal programme. Therefore, Catholics must no longer attend liturgies celebrated by priests who are in unity with this pseudo Pope. The priests who continue to be in unity with him receive the spirit of Antichrist, expelled the Holy Spirit, and their administration of the sacraments is null and void!
What should Christians do to restore their faith?
They should adopt a spiritual reform programme: a tithe of time to God – 2.5 hours a day! Let everyone devote one hour to private prayer and one hour from 8 to 9 p.m. to family prayer. Stop during the day in short prayer stops ( On Sunday, from early morning, contemplate the mystery of Christ’s Resurrection and Pentecost according to the given model (see Attend liturgies celebrated by those priests who have preserved the true faith and do not share unity with the contemporary heresies represented by pseudo Pope Francis. The activity of Francis Bergoglio is only a product of the suicidal post-Vatican II apostate spirit under the slogan of aggiornamento (bringing of the Church up to date).
To obey Francis Bergoglio is a safe way to hell on earth and after death!

+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr +Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops