Rome: Francis Plays With Homosexuals While Marriage Disappears

In the last ten years, the number of marriages in Rome fell from 9500 to 6600. These are two marriages for every one thousand inhabitants, (September 10) writes.

Until 2011, religious marriages were more numerous than civil ones. Now they represent only 39,3%.

Marriages of young couples have virtually disappeared. In the last year, only 79 couples were both below 25 years.

On the other hand, 211 couples were both over 60 years. More than 20% of Roman grooms are over 50 years old. Rome has 2.8 Mio inhabitants.

Picture: © Mazur, CC BY-SA, #newsTrirczdzyd

Normally, I'd get all technical on your point of error calling Father Benedict "the Supreme Pontiff" which he is not. @Zechariah 4:06 Still, we're making progress in that you're at least acknowledging a cecessation of authority. Screen-capped. ;-)
Secular social policies are the primary cause of both the marriage decline and homosexuality in general in Italy. This remains true even in predominantly non-Catholic European countries and in the USA as well.
Sins against the second and third commandments, worldly Catholic clergy, the refusal of Catholics to obey Humanae Vitae, and the lack of fidelity in following the requests of Our Lady Of Fatima are the four causes of every single ill in the world.

The remedy is only one: follow the requests of Our Lady of Fatima.
"How many Christians who are in darkness and do not see that they are ready to fall into hell! Cure these and enlighten these! Poor souls, how wretched you are!" (St. John Vianney).