Exorcist, Fr. Ripperger, Says Politics Is Now Good vs. Evil

Thanks be to God for Fr. Chad Ripperger's clarity! Full talk -
So we have an "obligation" to vote for the lesser evil candidate from a one party system? How does that fulfill your obligation as a Catholic Father? How is that nothing really changes regardless of who is in office, or whether they are Dem or Republican? If we truly had a voice and could promote the moral order because we had real choices, then that would be different.
With the likes of Cardinal Martini I say the Jesuits and Vatican II sect blazed the trail on the road to hell
last five Popes made this mess
Not so. @F M Shyanguya Politics is how countries are governed. There -are- politicians who are not "100% evil" and many which make concessions to evil, still do an overwhelming amount of good.
F M Shyanguya
Er ... politics is now 100% evil.