Francis dey preach "Wrong Thing about God"

E no be like wetin dey happen before for Church, now, we no dey talk about persecution wey come from people wey no be Christians, we dey talk about persecution from church people.

Roberto De Mattei write on on March 25 say church wey close and mass wey don suspend na another step for the destroy wey we dey destroy ourselves, wey start since Second Vatican Council.

According to De Mattei, punishment wey come from God start when we lose the idea of say God dey holy and we come present God different from how Him be.

Him dey talk about Francis claim wey say God "no dey gree make bad things happen to punish sin" (February 28th 2020) and, "E get many times we we tink say God go dey good if we dey good and Him go punish us if we dey bad: e no dey like that" (December 25, 2019).

Even John XXIII talk say "the man wey dey sow sin as seed, go harvest beating," De Mattei talk.

Foto: © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsXhaeucqhkt