The roots of the current deep crisis in the Church

The culmination of apostasy in the Church is the apostate Vatican itself, headed by so-called Francis Bergoglio. He has arrogantly enthroned the Pachamama idol in the main basilica of St Peter, seeks to legalize sodomitic unions, and promotes the mRNA vaccine which alters the human genome and is an integral part of chipping which the Bible warns against saying that the punishment is the lake of fire. In addition, the heavily-promoted vaccination programme is a means to achieve the mass genocide of humanity – the annihilation of 6 billion people! The whole Bergoglian sect, occupying the highest offices in the present-day Church, is in line with both Bergoglio’s attitude of betrayal of Christ’s teachings and the programme of genocide.

Let us look at the deep roots of this destructive phenomenon. The so-called scientific study of the Scriptures, starting with the Enlightenment and continuing through Modernism and the Bultmann school, has resulted in the denial of everything supernatural in the Bible, i.e. atheism. Especially in the second half of the XIX century, this spirit of a so-called scientific approach, which emerged from Protestantism, influenced Catholic theologians who wanted to look “sophisticated”. Pope Pius X opposed them with his letters and the encyclical “Pascendi Dominici Gregis” (1907). He subsequently expelled many professors and students of theology. One of the Modernists, Angelo Roncalli, Professor of History, escaped punishment, and the Masonic power behind the scenes raised him to the papacy in 1958. In 1962, this Pope now called John XXIII summoned the Second Vatican Council under the motto “aggiornamento” with the world. He appointed liberal theologians as moderators of the Council, who used ambiguous concepts to enforce the spirit of contemporary heresies. Gradually, this spirit has infected all theological schools. Its pernicious fruits have become especially visible in the person of the archheretic Bergoglio, who has many times publicly proved his unbelief and unity with the Masonic organization. The reality is that the majority of present-day bishops and priests are spiritually poisoned by this spirit.

How to repent of adherence to the poisonous teaching of the so-called historical-critical method? It is necessary to reject the spirit of heresy behind this so-called method and to accept the truth of the Gospel with a pure heart.

The so-called scientific method, which is based on atheistic philosophy, denies everything supernatural in the Bible. It casts doubt upon the facts and invents all kinds of theories distracting from the essence, namely from the fact that the Author of the Holy Scriptures is the Holy Spirit. Proponents of the critical method neither pray, nor follow Christ, nor have the saving faith, and yet they want to be spiritual teachers and explain the mysteries of faith. Instead, however, they obscure and question the truths of faith. The purpose of Christianity is to save souls. We must accept the word of God as the very word of God, and God then works miracles, as the Apostle Paul testifies (1Thess 2).

Prof. E. Linnemann, a disciple of R. Bultmann, who abandoned the atheistic system of the historical-critical method, writes: “Atheistic anti-Christian pseudoscience is recognized by historical-critical theology as the only factually correct approach to God’s word. Anyone who wants to be considered theologically educated ... must be ready to give space to atheism in their thinking... This is a perversion... Both historical-critical theology (method) and historical science are based on lies. Science here, therefore, is not synonymous with truth, but is a rebellion against God, unjustly suppressing the truth... I regard everything that I taught and wrote before I entrusted my life to Jesus as refuse! My two books ‘Gleichnisse Jesu’ and ‘Studien zur Passionsgeschichte’ I threw into the trash with my own hands in 1978. I ask you sincerely to do the same thing with any of them you may have.”

Dear bishops and priests, if we were to ask you when the books of the New Testament were written and who their author is, your answer – especially of the younger ones among you – would probably be based on various theories you embraced during your theological studies. But these theories have only one goal: to question the human authors and the divine inspiration of Scripture. They impressed on you hypotheses about the Johannine and Pauline authors and in relation to the Old Testament about Jahvist and Elohist, Deutero- and Trito-Isaiah. You were taught that Scripture cannot be understood without scientific insight. A certain cardinal said 40 years ago: “It is a prejudice of evolutionist origin to say that the Bible can only be understood through the study of its origins and development... Many heroes of faith or saints were uneducated and often no experts in exegetics, and yet it was them who understood the Bible best.”

Phrases about the Pauline and Johannine authors of the New Testament call into question the authorship of the Apostles John and Paul. There are many so-called scientific theories. Their purpose is to disrupt the foundations of Christian teaching. You were forced to devote a lot of time to them at the expense of knowing the essence of the Holy Scriptures. The author of the whole Bible is the Spirit of God. We need to receive Him. Filled with the Spirit of God, we are then obliged to proclaim the teaching of salvation rather than some changing theories that have never converted anyone but, on the contrary, question the faith of those who still have some. During your theological studies, you heard many theories about the origin of the individual gospels, but you probably did not hear this theory:

1) The Gospels of the Apostles John and Matthew were written in the first hours after the birth of the Church, ie they were written right after the sending of the Holy Spirit.

2) The Gospel of John was immediately translated into Greek. At the same time, the Apostle Matthew dictated his Gospel to scribes who wrote it both in Hebrew (Aramaic) and in Greek.

3) Logical and practical reasons:

a) On the day of Pentecost, many pilgrims from many nations turned to the Lord (Acts 2). They were Jews. Some of them were teachers of the law. They knew the Holy Scriptures in Hebrew as well as the Greek translation of the Septuagint.

b) It was necessary to testify to these converted Jews that Jesus was the Son of God, so that by faith in Him they might have eternal life (cf. Jn 20:31). The Apostle John took on that task. It was also necessary to show those who believed that the predictions of Scripture were fulfilled in Jesus. This task was taken on by the Apostle Matthew. They took these aspects into account when writing (dictating) their gospels.

c) In order for the Gospels to have authority, the first ones had to be written by the eyewitnesses of Jesus’ teachings, miracles, suffering, death, and resurrection. This was done by the Apostles John and Matthew. These two gospels thus gained extremely significant authority.

d) In the Jewish worship service, it is common practice first to read out a passage from the Holy Scriptures and then to make an interpretation. In the Christian worship service, it was necessary, apart from a passage from the Old Testament, to read out a passage from the Gospel too, and then to make an interpretation. This reading from the Gospel was necessary especially in the mission territory. The liturgy of the word was also connected with the Lord’s Supper (the breaking of the bread). Thus, the written Word of God – the Gospel – became an irreplaceable part of Christian worship.

e) Mission requires a solid written foundation! It cannot just be based on oral tradition. It must be based on the written word of an eyewitness, namely an apostle – evangelist. The language spoken in the then civilized world was predominantly Greek, therefore the Gospels were also written in Greek at the very beginning for the sake of mission!
This is what every wise missionary would do if he were in the place of the apostles.

So the apostles wrote as eyewitnesses about what they had seen and heard and what their hands had touched, that you also may believe. To base mission on oral tradition alone would be unwise. As the Latin proverb says, “The written letter remains.” Then it is possible to make interpretations, but the basis must be a written word.
The so-called historical science has de facto denied the inspiration of Scripture, the divinity of Christ, His real and historical resurrection, and thus destroyed the foundations of our faith. Historical critics have nothing to do with a personal relationship to Jesus, nor do they know the essence of the saving faith which is associated with conversion and the path of repentance. They disguise their unbelief with so-called science, although in reality it is no science but pseudo science and a lie. They have created a false public opinion that those who do not submit to their view are inferior. This has affected students of theology in particular, who have embraced this so-called scientific method with great enthusiasm. The fruit of this atheistic ideology is lukewarm Christianity and the mass apostasy of Christian nations.

+ Elijah
Patriarch of the Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate

+ Methodius OSBMr + Timothy OSBMr
Secretary Bishops

20 February 2021

The Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate (BCP) is a community of monks, priests and bishops living in monasteries. The BCP is headed by Patriarch Elijah with two Secretary Bishops, +Timothy and +Methodius. The BCP arose from the need to defend the fundamental Christian truths against heresies and apostasy. It does not recognize pseudo Pope Bergoglio and is not subordinate to him.

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