State by state protection after Roe

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From Aleteia:
With the overruling of Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey, abortion’s legality and regulation returns to the state level, where it was before January 22, 1973. That will result in laws as varied as Colorado, where the procedure will be legal all the way up to birth, and Alabama’s where it will be illegal from conception.

Abortion is expected to be illegal or severely restricted in about half of the states.

Some of those state laws are already on the books, and some are going into effect because Roe was overturned, while some will take effect after a waiting period. Some states still have to work out their post-Roe legislation.

In some states, even if the laws generally protect unborn life, some state officials who are opposed to overturning Roe have said they will not enforce the pro-life laws. On June 23, as the nation awaited the Dobbs v. Jackson ruling, Vice President Kamala Harris huddled with a small group of Democratic state attorneys general to discuss ways they might continue to protect the right to abortion.

Follow this link for the latest information on what state abortion laws will look like.
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Sally Dorman
It's interesting that Planned Parenthood says abortion bans will force their clinics to close when, according to them, abortion only made up 3% of their services. Looks like pro-lifers were right when they said these were "abortion mills" rather than "women's health centers".
Talk about lies being exposed to the full light of day! What will Biden do? Throw more of our money at PP. (I think I will refer to them as :P :P).
Kunst und die schönen Dinge
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Wilma Lopez
Imagine that child growing up and seeing this photo...
"Human if I say so." How's that goin' for us?