St Gallen Group Neither Plotted Nor Talked About Future Popes – Cardinal Kasper

Cardinal Walter Kasper was sure about a candidacy of Cardinal Bergoglio only after a meeting of about 15 cardinals on March 11, one day before the 2013 conclave started.

The meeting is mentioned in Gerard O'Connell's book The Election of Pope Francis.

Writing to (April 29), Kasper stresses that this group would not have been big enough to elect Bergoglio as the new pope and that “there was no networking” during the conclave.

Kasper condemns “stupid suspicions of manipulation" and "conspiracy theories” which have tried to explain Bergoglio's election and stresses that the St Gallen group spoke about pastoral experiences and perspectives, not about candidates for a future conclave.

He therefore calls Cardinal Danneels remark about a mafia plotting in St Gallen “totally misleading” stating that the group met only until 2006.

Picture: Walter Kasper, © Mazur/, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsHlfifbvryb
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Card Kasper has shown before that he lies. If anyone wants to be a liar, it is necessary to have a good memory--or have a audience that has a poor one..
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