My Time in Prison by George Cardinal Pell | Articles

There is a lot of goodness in prisons. At times, I am sure, prisons may be hell on earth. I was fortunate to be kept safe and treated well. I was …
God bless this great Cardinal!
Alex A
F M Shyanguya Your right on the money with your observation.
Alex A
@F M Shyanguya There are other stories to be told, but you won't hear them from me. Just a friendly caution not to 'idolize' Cardinal Pell, as others have, as an embodiment of Catholic martyrdom. He has won his appeal-and rightly so-let's leave at that.
F M Shyanguya
@Alex A He is too much in the media and that’s bothersome.
Somewhat of a cheap shot to cast suspicion on someone but then not disclose any details that would allow them to defend themselves or to allow others to verify the information.
Alex A
@frawley> Whether you might, or might not do research, is entirely your business. However, seeing that you have commented on a topic you clearly have no idea of its history, nor of my prior comments posted, I suggest you don't jump in on unfamiliar ground.